Best Food in Periods

It is so hard to predict exactly how you will feel during your period time. While some people barely have any symptoms, others struggle to get out of bed thanks to cramping, headaches, pain, and nausea and etc. Today, Flo reveals the best top foods to eat during your period to alleviate swelling, bloating, mood swings, and much more also. 

 Favorite Foods to eat during your period:

1. Salmon Fish 
2. Dark chocolate
3. Oatmeal 
4. Watermelons
5. Figs
6. Plums
7. Citrus 
8. Chamomile 
9. Fresh Fruits

Some Foods to avoid during your period time: 

 1. Processed foods
 2. Candy
 4. Alcohol
 5. Spicy foods

Female should follow this advice from doctors and health.

Causes of miscarriage

Causes of miscarriage:A miscarriage is any pregnancy that ends spontaneously before the fetus can survive. A miscarriage is medically referred to as a spontaneous abortion.
The causes of miscarriage
Chromosomal abnormalities and abnormalities in the uterus, like scar tissue or uterine fibroids, can cause late miscarriages after three months.
Severe chronic illness, such as poorly controlled diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus can also cause miscarriage.
Lifestyle choices such as smoking, drug use, malnutrition, excessive caffeine and exposure to radiation or toxic substances, will have an affect on the health of your baby, as will problems with your immune system as your baby will not be fully protected from viruses and infections you contract.Causes of miscarriage.
Miscarriage can also happen when implantation of the egg into the uterine lining does not occur properly.
A woman’s risk of miscarriage increases as she ages and women who are underweight or overweight have a greater risk of miscarriage than other women.
Finally, if you have had two or more miscarriages in a row then you are statistically at a greater risk of having future miscarriages.Causes of miscarriage.

What Is Beatifull Woman

What Is Elegan Woman

Talking about women it will never-ending. women is special creatures created by God with a design that is so unique and special specifications, both physically and psychologically. I no need to explain more detail how unique she was,and it would have been so much media to discuss it from different side. yet still the subject of women is interesting, not only in men but in women it's own.

I am a woman and I am proud and grateful to be created as a woman. I realized just how God made ​​a woman so beautiful and how special she was, but often had to grieve my heart, anger and sad to see so many women who do not take care of themselves, do not realize how special they are and how valuable they are compared to other gods creatures, so many women who knowingly (even) humbled himself and his people humbled themselves to each other, so that theres no reason for the othersto humbled himself, how sad I am to see her like that. and sometimes segregation of women themselves became the stumbling block for women. a collection of beautiful women with various criteria (possibly) been standardized (do not know), there is a collection of sweet woman, a collection sexi women, there is a collection of ugly women, plump women, and so forth. that I think it would damage the basic concept of the woman herself, that all women are unique, special and beautiful.

so, how women should respond segregation that it has become part of our society?

"Be a woman who Elegant"

that is the answer.

when it becomes an elegant woman, then no one is able to disturb. because elegant is elegant. no haggling over into an elegant.

Elegant what exactly is it?

  1. women who keep their tongues

women who keep his tongue was polite-spoken woman, issued a positive word, building, soothing, gentle, honest and true, and which contains words of wisdom and knowledge. not the woman who his favorite "gossip", tells the vices of others behind but in front showing a false smile.  woman whose anger is not explosive, issued vulgarity, insults, curses, insults, innuendo, negative sentences and words that kill characters and dropping himself

     2. women who keep the heart

  • keep the heart with God
women who keep the heart with God is a woman who has a good relationship with God. keep worship and not let his love for men is greater than his love for his Lord.

  • keep the heart of the man
women were able to keep the heart of the man is the woman who is not easily enticed by men. women are not easy or cheap, a woman who does not easily fall in love just because his good looks, reliability of man. women who know exactly how the man himself so he knows what is appropriate and necessary to him, so it is not easily shared with many men with the argument "find a match".

  • keep the purity of his heart
women maintain purity of heart is the woman who is sincere in doing everything. there is no pretense. sincere in anything that was done. do not keep "junk" useless in his heart.
  • keep the beauty of the heart
women who maintain the beauty of his heart is a woman who does not fill his heart with the things that can disfigure himself. women who filled his heart with the things that are useful and constructive.
       3.women were able to reduce her own anger and being angry neighbor silencer with words and body language.
       4.women who take care of their body language and always on polite on behavior
       5. women who know how to appreciate a man and not how a man interested in her
       6. women who know exactly how to express displeasure with not endless bickering blindly
       7. women full attention to each other
       8. have
strong capable in difficult situations.

What Is Woman

Woman is created by God to complete a man, she was someone who created by God and has many advantages, woman created by STRENGTH so she can give birth and the baby out of her womb, She created with a power which make ​​him survive when everyone had given up, Women created have SENSITIVE feelings and loving affection for family, children, husband or lover in the any condition and any situation, Its Said that woman to be created from the rib of man, which means women can PROTECT a man and his loved ones, because the real function of the rib cage to protect an important organ of the body, women created has the ability to provide understanding and realize that the good man will not hurt WOMAN, women created THE SENSITIVE NATURE AND TEARS to confide, women come with heaven on her feet, That creature called woman